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How to select a construction company

Selecting a construction company to handle your next building project is not something that should be carried out without extensive research.

Double-story extensions, garage conversions and standard property extensions can significantly increase your property's value. They are also a great alternative to having to move home if you require extra space.

Poor workmanship on these types of projects can lead to a significant financial loss. A new construction services team will be required to undo the poor work carried out by the previous construction company and then restart the initial project.

Stressed adults.
The financial consequences of poor workmanship can be significant.

So, what should be part of the selection process for building companies?


There are a number of ways to identify an established building services company that can provide the service you are looking for.

1. A comprehensive website that shows previous building trade work.

2. Evidence of being a comprehensive building service provider. This could be case studies of external building renovations on their website, social media posts of carrying out building repairs on building issues or even a Google review left about the excellent quality of a recent bathroom renovation (even better if there are pictures to go with it).

3. Signed up to a Governing Body or Federation. This shows that they are regulated, meaning they can only provide their building industry customers with an excellent quality service (if customers complain to the Governing Body or Federation with legitimate grounds, the building service company could lose their status).

4. Social media channels not only show previous building trade work but show real customers that have left reviews or interacted with the posts.

5. See if they are an award-winning construction company from a legitimate governing body or federation.

6. A physical office space that you could visit to meet a representative from the business should you need to.

The Federation of Master Builders logo
The Federation of Master Builders accepts construction companies once they have passed their strict vetting process.

Finish to Schedule

All construction companies face the challenge of trying to ensure projects finish to schedule.

There is a wide range of external factors that can impact project timelines, such as bad weather, building permits and supplier issues.

That being said, a good building services company will take these potential factors into account when giving you an estimated completion date.

A good way to identify if a building services company will try and keep to the project deadline is through their communication with you. They should be proactive rather than reactive (for example, if bad weather is forecast, they should be letting you know of potential delays in advance) and they should have dedicated support to deal with customer queries, such as a personal assistant or customer service agents.

If you want to try and identify if the company are good with communication, monitor how long they take to give you a price quotation, their handling of the onboarding process and their willingness to answer your questions.

Builder on the phone
A good construction company will keep you informed.

Industry Connections

All building services companies rely on building contractors to carry out different parts of a project. Electrics, exterior painting, plumbing and other services are commonly handled by the industry connections of your selected construction company.

To ensure your project has the quality finish it deserves, ask any building services company you are considering to provide a list of the contractors that would work on your project and do your research to ensure these companies also provide trustworthy building services.

Construction handshake
A well established construction company will have trusted contractors to support them when required.

Price Quotation

For a customer that has little experience with building service companies, the prospect of understanding pricing on projects can be daunting.

You do not want the price to be way above the market average unless there is a clear justification for doing so.

Equally, if building services companies are offering significantly below the market average, you need to ensure the following:

  • They are a trusted building company with extensive experience in the construction industry.

  • They hold a significant amount of positive reviews for your specific project.

  • They meet all building regulations and requirements.

To understand the market average for your specific project, gather five quotes from Checkatrade and use the average price between the five as a benchmark.

It is important to remember that prices will vary depending on current market conditions and your region, but Bedfordshire, Essex, Central London, Hertfordshire and North London would all be part of one region.

An individual comparing several quotes from construction companies for a rear extension in Hertfordshire.
Comparing several quotes will give you an idea of the typical pricing of projects in your local area.

Quality Service

If you are considering investing thousands of pounds into a dream project for your home, you want to ensure any building service companies you consider showcase their excellent buildings work and customer reviews on all projects.

Make sure you conduct your research into building service companies by checking their reviews, social media platforms and website.

A construction business that showcases its work via social media platforms on a consistent basis signifies they secure regular work and probably has a skilled team of construction workers in a variety of fields, ensuring your project will be completed in excellent condition.

Check the reviews from customers on these projects, as there is no better reassurance when looking for trustworthy building services than happy customers.

Extension by JMB Design and Build in Hertfordshire
Research the construction companies previous works via their website and social media platforms.

In Summary

If you have got to this point, you are likely to be serious about investing in some kind of construction project.

Whether it is for commercial properties or a simple bathroom renovation, conduct your research and ensure the following at a minimum before committing your time and money.

The building services company has a strong reputation in the local area.

This can be done via their website, reviews and social media platforms.

The building services company is part of a governing body or federation.

This means if things go wrong there is an organisation to hold them to account and support you.

The building services company is quoting you a fair price for the service you need. Use comparison sites like Checkatrade to gather several quotes to understand the current market conditions.

If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

Companies that significantly undercut the current market conditions are heavily likely to cut corners, which could mean you end up without a quality finish despite investing a significant amount of money.

We hope this helps. If you have any further questions be sure to drop us an email at


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